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20 January 2014

Officially launched the Ellipsis Music Community Page today. We're so happy to get more than 100 likes before the day  ended.

To set the record straight, this is NOT a fan page. We know that social media often gets a bad reputation for creating a culture of self-promotion. This is not our goal. 

Rather, we'd like to use the power of this digital age to  reach out to as many people as we can. We want perfect strangers to have the ability to connect, support and rally  behind each other through this page. That's why we have  labelled this as a COMMUNITY and NOT as a band or a group. 

This is your page as much as it is ours. 

We'll use this as a channel to keep everyone posted whenever we have new transcriptions. Similarly, feel free to share your comments, suggestions or your thoughts on how we can become better members of our wonderful music community. 

Our goal is to inspire and to create a positive atmosphere, so please choose your words and post your comments responsibly.  In other words, be your own gatekeeper. 

Please invite your friends to like our page, too. 

With that, we'd like to say Welcome to OUR page. Welcome to  the Ellipsis Music Community!


December 31, 2013

2013 was a crazy rollercoaster ride...

For one, EllipsisMusic.com finally took off... The acceptance, love and support we received for the website went beyond our expectations.

In less than a year, we have had over 13,000 guests from all over the world and over 20,000 downloads from the site.

Your words of gratitude and encouragement continue to inspire us. More importantly, realizing that our work over these last months has meant something to someone is specially satisfying. 

EllipsisMusic has also brought something else to our lives - something we consider valuable, uniquely wonderful and unmatched --- FRIENDS.

If we were to point out the greatest benefit that we got from the website, it would be this: 

EllipsisMusic has paved the way for introducing us to new friends and for making our bonds stronger with old ones.

As we realistically cannot please everybody, 2013 was also a year of choosing to let go and realizing that some people are not meant to be a part of your  future and that some endings are out of your control.

Nevertheless, we are grateful for the experience and the invaluable lessons that we have learned in the process. Wisdom has taught us that when one door closes, it's because another one is meant to open...

Although 2013 was marked by some lonely episodes (both on our personal and professional lives), there's still a lot to be thankful for and look forward to.

EllipsisMusic.com will be coming up with a new plan this 2014 - one that will make you, our friends, as active participants in the website.  So we hope you will continue to support us with this new endeavor.

With that said, we’d like to sign the year off with a big THANK YOU. Thank you for your friendship and for being a part of our musical journey this 2013...

We wish that the new year will continue to bring love, wisdom, good health and happiness to us all...



Nov. 21, 2013

After an extended period of mourning since my Lola's passing, I'm pulling myself together to get back on track and attend to what's left undone for quite some time now.

Today, I'm posting 30 assorted lead sheets of Catholic Mass songs. You can find these transcribed lead sheets at the bottom part of our MUSIC SHEET page.

Thanks for visiting the site. There's been a sharp increase in the number of visits and clicks the last few days. 



Oct. 16, 2013

Finally was able to post a new lead sheet. Been very busy these past few weeks. Have to attend to my other online job. 

Will be posting more songs in the coming days and will free up some locked songs. I think it's about time.

Currently working on a lineup of Catholic Mass songs and some Christmas songs to get us in the mood.



Welcome fellow musicians!

I transcribed these music sheets over the years for reference and it's about time I share them. Feel free to download them for your personal, non-commercial, and educational use. 

Unlike the typical music sheets you'll find online, my works are classified as lead sheets - melody line, chords, and lyrics. If I have the luxury of time, I see to it that the important parts are also written out (blending, obligatos, etc.)

If there are other songs you need transcribed ASAP, I can help out. Just contact me or check theTranscriptions section. 
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