Do you have a particular song in mind that's not listed on the Sheet Music page?

Searched everywhere yet can't find a music sheet of that particular song?

Do you have an original composition you want transcribed? 

Are the free sheet music available online too long or do they sometimes contain faulty parts? 

Do you have a handwritten sheet music  you want digitally encoded?

Have you ever wanted to add parts or harmony to a melody yet can't find someone to do it?

Maybe I can help out... 

Depending on the difficulty, it usually takes me around 1 to 3 hours to finish transcribing one song complete with the melody line, chords, lyrics, some obligatos, and markings. For multi-part arrangements and harmony, it takes longer with some lasting up to 7 hours to complete.

Please understand that the decent number of sheet music you can find here were transcribed over the years at my own pace. Now that I'm managing my time attending to two full-time jobs as a writer and performing artist, I don't have the luxury to transcribe music as often as I used to. 

However, that doesn't mean I can't help you if you badly need a music sheet for a particular song. It's just that if what I'll do for you will significantly affect any of
my two jobs, I'll have to charge a fee but rest assured, you'll have your
personalized sheet music as soon as possible yet it won't cost you as much as
what other music transcription services typically charge.

Another advantage with transcribed personalized music sheets is that they're compressed to just 1 or 2 pages compared to commercial sheet music that are around 5 pages or more. You can also ask me to do some revisions to the project if needed. 

Before I commit to accept the job, you have to send a reference audio file (mp3, mp4, wav, wma, wmv, flac, etc) or any YouTube links of the song you want me to transcribe. I'll then give you an estimate how long it'll take me to finish the project and how much it will cost you.

I use PayPal to accept payments but other means of payment are honored. As soon as I verify the full amount is settled, I'll send the transcribed personalized sheet music via email in PDF format. Projects under this service will not be posted or listed in the sheet music page of the website.  

Once you're ready to order your personalized sheet music, contact me by filling out the form provided.


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