About Ellipsis Music

Ellipsis Music was launched last March 27, 2013. 

So, why the name Ellipsis? I’m sure you used an ellipsis even at least once in your life.

When writing, maybe you just don't know what it’s called but ellipsis refers to the three dots (...) you use to indicate an omission in text or ‘when you need to fill in the gap’.

​In the musical world, written-out or transcribed music is referred to as "the dots", mainly because of the visual appearance of the notes as dots on a staff.

Since I work as a full-time writer and performing artist, I find ‘ellipsis’ significant to both careers. 

Initially, the goal of the site was just to "fill in the gap" or address the need for sheet music.  Based on guest comments and feedback, the website has become an effective resource for music students, professional musicians, church choirs, and music lovers. Word got out about the site and guests kept coming on a consistent basis. The more Ellipsis Music became popular, the more I realized there are responsibilities attached to what I started.

Over time, Ellipsis Music has become more than just a website for finding the sheet music you need. It has evolved into a channel for positively affecting and inspiring other people's lives. I've realized that charity and generosity is not limited to giving money or having something monetary attached to it. You can be generous with your time, sharing your knowledge or your expertise, etc. - all of which do not cause anything and yet have a bigger value.  Ellipsis Music is a testimony to the fact that it is possible to make a difference even in our small way.

​With the re-launch of the new website, Ellipsis Music is also opening its doors to fellow musicians and friends who are willing to do their share for our music community.  I’d like to invite volunteers who want to become one of Ellipsis Music website’s transcribers,proofreaders, researchers, logistic staff, and/ or sponsors to further promote the website and the programs we’re supporting. 

If you have the knowledge and/or skill for these positions,I encourage you to join Team Ellipsis. This is not only your chance to hone your talents. The bigger reward is you also get the opportunity to help others by simply doing what you do best.

If you're interested in joining growing team, please check out this link.